Ohio Concrete and Excavating is proud to add landscaping rocks as part of our services. We offer a large variety of sizes and weights. Our landscape rocks are harvested at the tail end of the Wisconsinian Glacier that carved the southern Ohio landscape during the Ice Age. It's a wonder where their origins came from. Alberta...Alaska....the North Pole?! Your delivery point is near Washington CH, conveniently located near Columbus, Dayton, and Cincinnati All prices are for point of sale at Washington CH. Add a rustic landscaping touch to your home with these unique landscape rocks from Ohio Concrete and Excavating.

This stone features a flat faced surface making it ideal for engraving a special image or message. It's unique size and shape make it the perfect candidate for your family name and address.
Measures 39" x 27" x 9" $200 POS

The intricate detail of this stone presents a wonderful canvas and unlimited potential for this mammoth 48" x 50" x 8" stone. Unique and one of a kind $300 POs

One can only imagine the potential for this unique shape.
Measures 60" x 12" x 12"
$250 POs

We have "BIG" rocks.
This monster measures 60" x 60" x 16"
$450 POs

We offer a large variety large and small sizes that make a nice touch to your home.


Bob Schiering
8252 Rte. 62 NE
Washington CH, OH 43160
740-572 0494


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